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Age Level


"Journey to the Wild Devine"
IOM hardware sensors required
(Sold Seperately)

Somatic Vision
Ages 10 & Up
Childrens Educational SoftwareWin XP, Vista,
Win7, 8 & 10
Childrens Educational Software
(Not MAC Compatible)



Master stress. Start today!
80% of us suffer from stress. Each year, we get busier and busier. We do more in a day than ever before, absorbing the stress of navigating a world that is socially and technologically complicated.
It is important to develop techniques to reduce the impact of stress so we can enjoy life more and reach our goals.

Requires IOM Hardware, Sold Separately

What are the Advanges of the School Version?

9 & up
Childrens Educational SoftwareWin XP, Vista,
Win7, 8 & 10
Childrens Educational Software
Home Version
Accepts (5) Students

All the Right Type 3

The computer program takes a no nonsense approach to typing and by simply using the program 10 to 15 mins. a day you will see a significant increase in speed. The program has been designed for people that don't currently type as well as for people that would just like to increase their speed. Each person can progress through the program at their own pace and continue where they left off. Immediate feedback is provided after each lesson for error and fingering analysis. Engaging and motivating keyboarding games, animations, certificates and options to customize the program to each user makes All The Right Type a great typing tutor for all ages.

9 & up

Internet Connection Required

Read, Write & Type Online

All the Right Type 4 Online

* Larger Fonts make "All the Right Type Online, perfect for Special Education Student and those with vision problems.

* Work on your typing skills anywhere there's an internet connection!

Home screen/Campus page where users can easily navigate from lesson to lesson. ATRT 4 online has four types of lessons that support reinforcing the new keys introduced in the learning lab. If “sequencing” is turned on, students will follow the blinking building which prompts them to the next lesson in the learning order. The maintenance section has all the features for teacher management.

Judy Lynn Software
Switch Software for Individuals
with Special Needs

All Ages
Minimum Cognitive
age level:
9 Months
XP, Vista,
Win7,8 & 10
Childrens Educational Software
(Not MAC
Animated Toys II

Animated Toys II is comprised of 26 segments, each containing a toy animated on the computer screen. The toys are activated by the single press of a switch, mouse click, or the keyboard "enter" key. The toys incorporate cause & effect skills, increasing attention span, visual tracking, and focusing on objects. Animation speeds, background music preferences, prompt images, and audio prompts are saved on a student level. The beauty of this program is that you get 26 switch activated toys that never break.
Animated Toys II
Skills Introduced: Cause & Effect, Visual Tracking

Special Education Software

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List Of
Arthur's Titles
Arthur's Software
The Learning Company
Childrens Educational SoftwareWindows
Childrens Educational Software
(Not MAC Compatible)

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