"Secret Writer's Society"

"Secret Writer's Society", "secret writer's society"

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The Secret Writer's Society CD-ROM teaches students to write effective sentences and paragraphs using the five-step writing process. Students enter an exciting underground world where they must write well to succeed. Action-filled song videos teach key writing concepts in an enjoyable format. Interactive games reinforce difficult skills like sentence ordering, keeping to the main idea, and editing for mistakes. On the secret Level 7, students chose interesting topics and write about them using the five-step writing process. The program even reads back student's writing using text-to-speech for instant feedback!

This innovative program has won numerous awards including the four star award from Children's Software Review and a recommended (score 88) rating from Family PC Magazine. The respected Institute for Software Innovation gave the program five stars and wrote "Best software I have ever seen to teach and practice the steps to the writing process."

capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure (subject, predicate, ordering, typing, spaces), paragraph structure (main idea, topic sentence, details, conclusion), planning / prewriting, revision, editing, and the five-step writing process (plan, draft, revise, edit, present).

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Secret Writer's Society Version 4
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"Secret Writer's Society", "secret writer's society"

"Secret Writer's Society", "secret writer's society"