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webspiration Classroom

Webspiration Classroom

Webspiration Classroom
Webspiration Classroom


Improve Writing and Thinking Skills



What's New in Webspiration Classroom™ Service

Welcome to the What's New in Webspiration Classroom™ Service page, where you'll find an overview of the latest updates affecting your account. Check back often, as new resources and improvements will be added frequently as part of your subscription. Because Webspiration Classroom is accessed online, your account will be automatically updated to the latest version when you log in.

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April 2012

Webspiration Classroom District Subscriptions are now available

We are excited to announce the release of Webspiration Classroom District Subscriptions, which will streamline deployment across multiple sites. Webspiration Classroom is now available as either an Individual Subscription or Volume Subscription. Learn more in Subscription Info.

We are also pleased to announce some significant improvements to the Webspiration Classroom user interface:

New classes feature to streamline assignment management

  • Teachers can now create classes in Webspiration Classroom and post assignments to their classes' folders.
  • Students can join classes to retrieve assignments from their classes' folders.
  • Assignments can also be organized in your Document Manager by the class they came from and by the name of the assignment (regardless if the document gets renamed or not).

Archive old documents in your Document Manager to reduce clutter

A new archive function helps teachers and students reduce the number of documents visible in their Document Managers. This is especially helpful for hiding old assignments that you don't want to delete, but don't want in your My Docs.

Redesigned Starter Screen with all the resources you and your students need in one place

We have updated the design of the Starter Screen to make it easier to find the things you need. In addition to being able to create and manage your documents, you can now access class assignments, subject-specific templates, resources and training videos.


January 2012

Advanced Features to Control Student-to-Student Collaboration

Although most educators are encouraging their students to share documents with one another, some educators would like the option to turn off collaboration for their school or for select students.

We have listened to your requests and have made Webspiration Classroom even more customizable from the Admin Utility with enhanced Collaboration Settings.

In addition to the Settings we had before, you now have the option to:

  • Turn off student-to-student collaboration for your entire school from your School's Profile
  • Customize Collaboration Settings for individual students via their Edit Account pages


June 2011

  • Flash 10.2 Upgrade
    In order to provide the most up-to-date service, Webspiration Classroom now requires Flash 10.2 or higher. To learn what version you currently have installed, visit http://abobe.com/software/flash/about/.

  • Online Store Subscription Changes
    For your convenience, the folloWing new subscription options are now available:


Flexible Quantity School Starter Subscriptions
Also available on our online store, you can purchase just the number of Webspiration Classroom School Accounts you need to get started. Choose a one year subscription of 10 to 99 accounts.

Custom School Subscriptions
Purchase multi-year School Starter Subscriptions or school subscriptions for more than 99 accounts, including school-wide, by contacting an Inspiration Software account specialist or an Allied Sales Partner.


April 2011

  • Name Changes
    A few names have been changed to help clarify their use:
    • Your Group ID is now called Org ID.
    • Collaboration Networks are now called Groups, and are on the Sharing menu under Manage Friends.
    • Quick Network is now called Quick Group, and is on the Sharing menu under Manage Friends.
  • Manage Friends

    All of the functions around managing your Friends are now grouped under Manage Friends on the Sharing menu. You can add people to your Friends List without having to share a document, delete people from your Friends List, and create Groups all in one place. For your convenience, people who you have shared documents with or have shared documents with you are automatically added to your Friends List.

    Just click on the Sharing menu from within any open document, select Manage Friends, then select Friends List to edit and manage your friends.

To find out more and take advantage of these updates, please sign in to your Webspiration Classroom account.


February 2011

  • Student Resources
    Designed to help students use Webspiration Classroom more effectively, the new online Student Resources section is now available with a collection of Study Tips which provide step-by-step instructions for specific study areas like the writing process, writing styles and peer review. 

  • Feature Updates
    Now, renaming your documents couldn’t be easier with the addition of the rename title box found in the upper right corner of every document.

  • What's New communications
    In addition to this What's New tab, additional update information is now available after you sign in to Webspiration Classroom. Check the Starter screen for recent update messages and visit the Resource Center to read more about the newest features and resources.

To find out more and take advantage of all of these updates, please sign in to your Webspiration Classroom account.


January 2011

  • Name your documents now or later
    Now when you create and open a document, you may begin work immediately without the need to name and save your document first. You may rename the document at any time during your work, and if you forget, you will be prompted.

  • Move your documents from an old to a new account
    If you have a new Webspiration Classroom account but were previously using a personal or trial version, you can now move your documents over to the new one, keeping everything in one place.

  • New templates and examples
    Many new ready-made templates and examples have been added to Webspiration Classroom to help teachers develop assignments that support curriculum plans or address students' individualized needs.

  • More online resources to help you get started:

    • Getting Started with Collaboration and Assignments
      Jumpstart work with two new handy resources. Find out how to use Webspiration Classroom’s innovative collaboration tools and how to create and distribute assignments. Available in Getting Started.
    • Training Videos
      Watch this series of quick tutorial videos to learn how to use Webspiration Classroom more effectively. Available in the Help Center.
    • Educator Resources
      Find Implementation tips, view new Lesson Plans and Examples, and read about Visual Thinking. Each of the lesson plans includes a template and example that you will find in the Starter Docs or Examples tab of your Document Manager. Available in Educator Resources.


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