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"Type for Fun"

Type for Fun

Type for Fun Description

Improve students’ speed and accuracy with this fun practice program. Four exciting games challenge students to improve speed and accuracy skills.

Introducing Type for Fun! - the ultimate fun in keyboarding! This new keyboarding program consists of four exciting games, which keep your students typing. These games challenge students to increase their speed to 25, then 40, and finally 60 words-per-minute using all the letters, numbers, and punctuation while maintaining accuracy.

Customizing options allow teachers to select vocabulary levels, add vocabulary words, or focus on specific keyboarding strategies, such as learning numbers or improving punctuation.

Type for Fun! Allows you to keep either individual records or class Top 10 records that contain students’ words-per-minute and accuracy for each game.

Power Up! Students expand their vocabulary as they fill a meteor crater with bricks in order to save their town. Zworg Explore Students work on accuracy as they travel through a mysterious planet. Watch out for mistakes! SpaceRocks Students learn to avoid commonly misspelled words while protecting an orbiting space station. Galaxy Taxi Students type quickly to get their taxi to its final destination!

Students learn grammar, punctuation, and capitalization rules as they type.

Type for Fun Awards:

  • 2001 BESSIE Award, ComputEd Learning Lab
  • Best of 1999, The Review Zone!
  • Silver Apple Award, National Educational Media Networks
  • Way Cool, Software Review


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